Recharging the Senses,
Body and Mind
Experiencing "Authenticity"
During a Trip to Kanazawa

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Wellness Tourism in Kanazawa provides opportunities and places for first-class instructors in various fields to communicate authenticity. It aims to restore sensitivity to the heart through learning and experiencing the essence of Kanazawa's culture.

We hope that Kanazawa will become a place for you to return to, for recharging your physical and mental health, and your vitality so you can shine in the future.

Original Programs Unique to Kanazawa

Traditional Crafts

Japan has inherited traditional culture and customs that have been built up from generation to generation, cherishing what is used and then handing it down to the next generation. In Kanazawa, Noh theatre and the tea ceremony were encouraged by samurai and commoners during the Edo period, and this gave rise to world-renowned traditional crafts, furnishings, and artwork. At the same time, the skill and soul of many of these crafts have been passed down to this day, and we hope that you will experience their richness through traditional craft experience programs.


Kanazawa is a treasure trove of ingredients that are brought forth from its rich natural environment, including seafood from the Sea of Japan and vegetables from the Kaga area. Local cuisine from the Kaga area uses a variety of seasonal ingredients and is served in luxurious Kutani ware and Kanazawa lacquerware dishes. There are also abundant fermented foods to improve one's body, such as miso, soy sauce, and kabura sushi. Japan's wagashi confectionary culture has also taken root in Kanazawa, and so it is called "One of the Three Great Wagashi Confectionary Locations of Japan." Take this opportunity to learn about and enjoy Kanazawa's food culture while satisfying your heart and soul.

Performing Arts

The Maeda family, who ruled Kanazawa during the Edo period, encouraged and promoted arts such as the tea ceremony and Noh theatre as pastimes for samurai and the general public. For this reason, the tea ceremony is still flourishing and there are many tea rooms and gardens. You can enjoy matcha green tea and wagashi confectionary made by craftsmen in historic spaces, and there is also a program to experience the kodo incense ceremony, which is one of Japan's three major performing arts. Use all five senses to heal your body.

Nature / Activity Programs


There is a strong image of Kanazawa as a historic city, but you can enjoy the Sea of Japan and the nature of Mt. Satoyama if you venture out a little bit. This program has local guides show you around beautifully scenic spots near Kanazawa.


Why not experience the nature of Kanazawa's Mt. Satoyama with a guide who knows the area?


Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and listen, in the stillness and serenity, to what your heart is saying. We offer programs for clearing your heart and mind, such as meditation, sutra copying and ascetic training.


Enjoy fitness programs in the extraordinary place called Kanazawa. Why not enjoy stimulating your mind and body in a new way.

Optional Programs

Medical Support

Medical support programs can be added to any of the above as a bonus.

Introducing Cycling and Jogging / Walking Courses near Kanazawa

Recommended Cycling Courses

Course around Kanaiwa and Ono, the port, and soy sauce town.
Kanazawa City
A course that winds through the retro atmosphere of the port town. You can enjoy the soy sauce breweries and townhouses that make up the atmospheric townscape.
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Enjoy the Sea of Japan and the Uchinada Lover’s Sanctuary on this course.
Uchinada Town
Wind through Uchinada-machi a town next to Kanazawa, home to some of the best sand dunes in Japan. You can feel nature's magnificence, such as the sun setting over the Sea of Japan and then bathe in hot springs that overlook the mountains and Kahokugata Lagoon.
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Course the takes you through vast nature and to sacred Mt. Hakusan.
Hakusan City
Mt. Haku has long been one of Japan's three most famous mountains, and this course around Mt. Haku is blessed with abundant nature, such as the Tedori River, which boasts the largest watershed in Ishikawa Prefecture. We recommend electric-assist bicycles or mountain bikes.
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Recommended Jogging / Walking Courses

Breathe in the Kanazawa atmosphere while visiting historic locales and the cityscape of Kanazawa's castle town. Here we introduce a selection of jogging and walking courses that let you fully enjoy Kanazawa.