Ishibiki temple area in the southwest

Ryuhozan Jodo-shu (The Pure Land School) Nyoraiji Temple

Between 1573-1592 (Tensho Period), Kyudai, a holy priest established Nyoraiji Temple in Tonamigomasuyama in Etchu (now Toyama Prefecture). Later, in 1662 (Kanbun 2), the 5th Lord of Maeda, Tsunanori, established the temple as the enshrinement place of his real mother’s Buddhist memorial tablet. Her name was Seitai-in and she was the elder sister of Tokugawa Mitsukuni. After it was burned down in 1813 (Bunka 10), the temple was reconstructed by the 12th Lord of Maeda, Narinaga. It is now Kanazawa City’s tangible cultural property.
The main temple: Kanazawa City’s tangible cultural property.

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