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North Route

Osaki Jinja Shrine

This shrine was built in Kanazawa Castle in 1643 as a Toshogu Shrine enshrining Ieyasu Tokugawa, who unified Japan. In 1872, Amaterasu Omikami, the Sun Goddess, and Toshitsune Maeda, a feudal lord of Kaga Domain, were added as enshrined deities. The shrine was relocated to its present site in 1878. It is small but magnificently designed. Green copper roofing, vermilion-lacquered wood, and decorative metal combine to create a splendid harmony. Nationally designated as an Important Cultural Property.
  • Address
    5-6 Marunouchi, Kanazawa City
  • Hours
    6:00 - 20:00 (Reception Office)
  • Built
    Constructed in 1643

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  • ちょっと金沢まで。

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