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Kanazawa Castle Area Walk

Kazue-machi Chaya District

  • Kuragari-zaka (dark slope) is the winding step path going down from the back of Kuboichi Ototsurugi Shrine in Shimoshin-cho to Kazue-machi. The air of secrecy there has a magical atmosphere along with the tangled narrow streets of Kazue-machi.
Chaya houses are traditional places for feasts and entertainment. Wooden chaya with red lattices called "bengara-koshi " in this Chaya District are honored to be designated as a Group of Traditional Buildings. At present, the diverse townscape consists of traditional chaya as well as bars, craft shops, Japanese inns (ryokan) and ateliers. Kazue-machi is known as the first case to restore the old town name that had been lost during the municipal consolidation across Japan after the World War II.

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  • ちょっと金沢まで。

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