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Taste Kanazawa Kanazawa Gourmet Tourism

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Kanazawa food culture – steeped in tradition and history
Local Cuisine with its origins in the Kaga Domain Period

Kanazawa food culture developed from the traditions of the Kaga Domain. With the abundance of nature and seasonal variations in this area, Kaga Cuisine has evolved into a unique style of food.

Kaga Cuisine is local cuisine that uses local ingredients creatively prepared for everyday eating. Even simple, common Kaga dishes such as Jibuni stew and Kaburazushi (fermented turnip sushi) have been made into elegant fare by serving them on ornate Kutani Porcelain or Kanazawa Lacquerware dishes.

The appeal of Kaga Cuisine is in the delicate balance between the presentation and the taste depending on how it is served.

Kaga Vegetables from the unique Kanazawa climate

In the castle town of Kanazawa, the production of seasonal specialty vegetables has been passed on since feudal times.

Kaga Vegetables is branding that recognizes 15 vegetables produced mainly in Kanazawa from before 1945. In recent years their unique taste has been gaining recognition from as far away as Tokyo.

Eateries offering Kaga Vegetable dishes

Kaga Vegetables
◆Sweet potato
◆Bamboo shoots
◆Japanese parsley
◆Red stem taro
◆Arrowhead bulbs
◆Kanazawa garland chrysanthemum
◆Kaga thick cucumber
◆Utsugi red sweet pumpkin

◆Kinjiso spinach
◆Kaga wild soybean
◆Kanazawa green onion
◆Gensuke radish
◆Purple cap eggplant
◆Futatsuka mustard greens
◆Kaga lotus root

The ingredients and prices of dishes mentioned on this site are subject to change depending on factors such as the season. Please check details in advance with the establishment you intend to visit.