Kanazawa Craft Tourism

Kanazawa has developed into a unique city
boasting an attractive harmony between
its traditional past and contemporary present.
Many craft workshops, studios and souvenir shops are
scattered throughout the city's lovely cultural zone.
Traditional performing arts as well as sumptuous and delightful
Kanazawa cuisine also have the power to captivate visitors.

Kanazawa's traditional arts and crafts have played a significant role
in making this city an attractive tourist destination.
In June 2009, Kanazawa was registered as a UNESCO
Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art.
This recognition has encouraged Kanazawa's artists and artisans to create
new and innovative works by embracing traditional techniques.

Experience and enjoy Kanazawa's tremendous appeal by
taking our Kanazawa Craft Tour.
Come admire various artists and their work by
observing the entire process in its traditional form.
Create your own traditional arts and crafts souvenirs and
unwind with traditional tea and cakes in historic tea rooms.

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