Kaga Fishing Flies

Flies for fishing sweet fish were made by warriors of the Kaga clan in the feudal age. Gold leaf is applied to the feathers of wild geese.

Make Broaches with
Kaga fly fishing lures

This DVD introduces you to the history of making Kaga fly fishing lures. Try your hand at making your own lure using traditional techniques. Start by placing a few feathers onto a ready-made base

Local Folk Toys

The history of the dolls dates back to the Edo period when the third lord of Kaga, Maeda Toshitsune commissioned work by doll creators. Warriors made dolls as a side job, and the technique of making dolls was handed down for generations.

Kaga Hachiman Okiagari Doll
(a self-righting doll)

Why not draw a face and some patterns on a Kaga Hachiman Okiagari, a self-righting doll. Draw whatever you like for as long as you like. Draw on a face resembling a friend or family member. It will be a nice souvenir for him/her.

Fishing Flies Shop
Meboso Hachirobei


●Handmade brooch
(60 - 90min.) ¥1,500

11-35, Kitayasue, Kanazawa
Tel +81-76-231-6371
Open 9:30 - 17:30
(Activity 10:00 - 15:00)
Closed on Tuesdays

●Reservations required, please call in advance.

Nakashima Menya


●Kaga Hachiman Okiagari Doll
 (20 - 60min.) ¥400

2-2-18, Owari-cho, Kanazawa
Tel +81-76-232-1818
Open 9:00 - 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays

Kanko Bussankan

【Area】Kanazawa Castle・
Kenroku-en Garden

●Kaga Hachiman Okiagari Doll
 (30 - 60min.) ¥1,000
Workshop not held on Tuesdays

2-20, Kenroku-machi, Kanazawa
Tel +81-76-222-7788
Open 10:00 - 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays from
Dec. to the end of Feb.

●Reservations required, please call in advance