Please confirm the current schedule and charge in advance, as they may vary due to holiday hours, seasonal rates, etc.

【Higashi Chaya District】
Head for the Higashi Chaya District, a popular sightseeing spot. Please take a JR bus at the East Gate Bus Terminal of Kanazawa Station. You can also get on a Kanazawa Loop bus, which makes a detour through Hikoso on the way. In the Higashi Chaya District, first please enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional buildings with lattice windows, and then visit Shima, a National Important Cultural Asset, which remains as it was when constructed in 1820.

Kanazawa Station East Exit Bus terminal - Hashiba-cho, approx. 8 min. by JR bus, or approx. 12 min. by Kanazawa Loop bus. Bus fare : adult -200 yen, child - 100 yen, Loop bus : One day pass adult - 500 yen, child - 250 yen

Hashiba-cho - Higashi Chaya District, approx. 3 min. walk.

The structure of the building that houses Shima is particular to geisha houses. There is a tearoom called Kanson-an in the back, where you can have green tea while viewing the compact garden. The Japanese cakes served here are made at Yoshihashi, a prestigious sweet shop that provides sweets only for the tea ceremony. The sweets they serve are not available at shops; please savor them slowly.

9:00 - 18:00, open all year round.
Admission : adult (high school student and over) - 400 yen, jr. high school student and elementary school student - 300 yen, Matcha(pawdered green tea) with Japanese Confictions - 700 yen.
TEL. 076-252-5675.

Higashi Chaya District
【Nishi Chaya District】
There are three Chaya Districts in Kanazawa. Higashi Chaya District used to be a place for samurai warriors to enjoy entertainment, and Nishi Chaya District in No-machi, across the Saigawa River, was a casual entertainment area for common people. Next, let’s take a look at Nishi Chaya District.

Hashiba-cho (front of police box) - Hirokoji, approx.12 min. by Hokutetsu bus. Bus fare : adult - 200 yen, child - 100 yen.

Hirokoji bus stop - Nishi Chaya District, approx. 3 min. walk.

You will find Kawamura, a sweet bean shop, at the corner of the area. The sweets are used as souvenirs by geisha houses, and are popular among tourists as well. They sell many kinds, so please ask a sales clerk to find one that suits your taste.

There is Moroeya Nishi Chaya Karyo at the entrance of the Nishi chaya District. And Rakugan Moroeya Honten, its appearance of a traditional building are Located along National highway 159 towards Myoryuji Temple.
Here is a mini-gallery exhibiting old sweet molds and the sweets that were used in annual events held by the Maeda Family. You will be able to see the history of sweets in Kanazawa.

After enjoying rakugan, dry sweets that represent seasonal beauty, head for Musashigatsuji by bus to experience sweet-making at Koshiyama Kanseido, a traditional sweet shop.

No-machi - Musashigatsuji, approx.10 min. by Hokutetsu bus.
Bus fare : adult - 200 yen, Child - 100 yen

Musashigatsuji bus stop - Koshiyama Kanseido, approx. 3 min. walk.

Nishi Chaya District
Kawamura sweet bean shop
【Making Japanese confections】
Get off the bus at Musashigatsuji (in front of Meitetsu M’ZA), and walk along the alley at the back of M’ZA. You will soon see Koshiyama Kanseido. It is a traditional sweet shop famous for Himuro sweet bean cake and Kinkato sugar sweets. You can experience making Japanese cakes and a gold leaf craft. In March and April, you can make Kinkato, sugar sweets for Doll’s Festival, instead of cakes.

Every Thursdays and Saturdays. From 13:30 and from 15:30. Workshop fee : adult -2200yen, child - 1800 yen (two kinds of Japanese sweets or Kinkato and applying Gold Leaf). Reservations required.

After tasting Japanese sweets, you can return to Kanazawa Station with a sweet souvenir you have made yourself. In Kanazawa Station’s Hyakubangai Omiyagekan (souvenir shops), there are many shops selling sweets and other souvenirs. Here you can buy the sweets of the shops you didn’t have an opportunity to visit.

Musashigatsuji - Kanazawa Station, approx. 5 min.
by Hokutetsu bus or Kenrokuen shuttle

Japanese Sweets
Kanko Bussankan
Traditional crafts, sweets and local sakes are exhibited and sold in this shop at Kenrokuen-shita. There are professionals on hand to give you instruction in sweet-making. You can also experience painting on a Kaga Hachiman Okiagari doll and making a glass craft with gold decoration.

Kanazawa Station - Kenrokuen-shita, approx. 18 min. by Kenrokuen shuttle or Hokutetsu bus.
From Kenrokuen - shita bus stop, 1 min. walk.

Workshop schedule : 10:00 - 15:00, only on Sat., Sun. and National holidays. From Jan. to Mar., on everyday(except Tue.). From 13:30 - 14:10. Workshop fee : 1200 yen (Including a 500 yen shopping ticket). Time required :40min.
Reservations requierd. TEL. 076-222-7788.

Ame-no Tawaraya
This candy shop, established in 1830, is famous for its traditional soft candy. You can experience taking the candy out of a tub and putting it into a jar, using bamboo chopsticks, and then take the candy with you as a souvenir.

Kanazawa Station East Exit - Kobashi, approx. 5 min. by Kanazawa Loop bus, and from Kobashi bus stop, 3 min. walk. Or by Kanazawa flat bus, from Kobashi, 1 min. walk .

9:00 - 18:00(Sunday until 17:00).
Closed-days vary.
Workshop fee : 1500 yen includes one bottle of starch syrup.
Reservations required.
TEL. 076-252-2079.